Mini Trooper - Body Mechanics

I found this Mini Trooper Rig in Rigs Arena and decided to animate it in my free time.

This was a different approach than usual, i created some random boxes and cylinders and started animating around them. No story, no planning, just having fun, and little by little this shot was born.

Rig and  skin : Irham1991
Animation : Grace Mojica

Overwatch - Mei and Sketchfab

We might not be heroes, but we sure love playing Overwatch :) .

 This is a low poly model of one of our favorite chracters Mei. We started waiting for overwatch like 6 month before it was released.And we haven't stop playying yet. I'ts a - mei- zing. hehe. sorry about that bad pun.
Mei character belongs to Blizzard Entertainment.

You can rotate this model in Sketchfab

Concept art, model and textures : Qarlos Quintero
Rig, skin and Animation : Grace Mojica

Star Wars - Rey

I have been a Star Wars fan for as long as i remember, I used to watch the movies with my parents.

The Force Awakens was the best!! I fell in love with Rey and couldn't wait to make an animation with her.

Carlos created this amazing model, and some perfect renders.

This  quick animation was created in my free time.

Model and Concept art: Qarlos Quintero
Rig and Animation: Grace Mojica

WIP: Nick The alien

I love Nick Miller  from  " New Girl" I Have always wanted to animate some of his crazy dialogs. This s a sneak peak of the animation.

Big problem here haven't got any free time to work in this crazy guy.

Model and Rig: Boutique 23

Animation: Grace Mojica

Arya , Nymeria and Sketchfab

Arya is one of my favorite characters in Game of Thrones books and series. The idea for this animation was born when Qarlos creared this amazing render.

This girl and her wolf is a Qarlos Model, I animated them and uploaded to this new and amazing website called Sketchfab. You can rotate it and see them moving. Link here Arya Sketchfab

Concept art,  Model and Rig : Qarlos Quintero
Animation:  Grace Mojica