Hill tribes (Animated gifs)

These stunning characters were created by my boyfriend Qarlos. After watching some brilliant illustrators who also animate their work, we were really interested in give this technique a try, so i took the illustrations layers and animated them in After Effects. The final result is absolutely marvelous, a pinch of life in an already magic world.

Big size images and more in Behance (X)

Learning how to draw and color in photoshop

I have always wanted to learn how to draw, disney style, is not easy and i should spend more time practicing than dreaming, but between work and practicing animation i don't have so much time. Sometimes when i'm really inspired, i play  with photoshop.

The first one was a Pinterest drawing tutorial that ended up as a kind of self portrait.
The second one  was a combination of real fennec foxes and red foxes pictures.
Hope you like it!

Reel 3D Generalist

Sometimes i work as a 3D generalist, which means doing some or all the things in the production pipeline of a 3D project. (Modeling, Uvs, Textures,Rig,Animation,Lighting,Render and Composition)

This is a reel showing some of my work personal and professional projects.

Dany and Drogon - Flying to Westeros

This amazing  characters (Daenerys Targaryen and Drogon) were created by my boyfriend Qarlos, a brilliant illustrator and the biggest Game of Thrones fan i know. He illustrated, model, textured and rig them. I had to animate them, they are so beautiful and where ready to animate, How could i resist?

This is a flying test for Dany flying on top of Drogon, I hope i get some free time to do a more complex animation.

The characters and animation where created in 3D Max and Character Studio (a.k.a biped) and i did  simple  composition in Adobe After Effects

Animation Demo Reel : Video Games

This is my latest Animation Demo Reel for Video Games. Most of these animations where created when i was working for Brainz Games, some other are personal proyects or animation tests.

Software: 3D max (character Studio), Maya and After effects